FraMCoS-8 Toledo (Spain), 2013 Proceedings

Special thanks to Prof. Ruiz for providing the pdf files

Paper TitleAuthors
Evaluation of Diagonal-Tension Failure Load in Reinforced Concrete Beams Without Stirrups. Critical Depth Criterion J.R. Carmona, G. Ruiz
A 6 DOF Testing Machine Controlled by Digital Image Correlation: an Experimental Setup for New Nooru-Mohamed Tests M. Poncelet, J. Le Flohic, V. Parpoil, H. Leclerc, B. Raka, J.M. Virely
Anchorage Strengths of Lap Splices Anchored by High-Strength Headed Bars S.C. Chun, J.G. Lee
Evaluation of the Tensile Strength of SFRC as Derived from Inverse Analysis of Notched Bending Tests A. Amin, S. Foster, A. Muttoni
Application of Tension Softening Curves to investigate the Shear carried by Fibers in Various Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams P. Jongvivatsakul, K. Matsumoto, K. Watanabe, J. Niwa
Effect of Restraints on the Response of RC Columns in a Parametric Fire A. Sadaoui, S. Illouli, A. Khennane
A Fracture Testing based Approach to assess the Self Healing Capacity of Cementitious Composites L. Ferrara, V. Krelani
A Two-Scale (FEM-DEM) Approach for Concrete M. Nitka, L. Skarzynski, J. Tejchman
A Viscoelastic Retarded Damage Material Law for Concrete Structures Exposed to Impact and Explosions U. Häussler-Combe, T. Kuehn
Construction and Structural Analysis of the Dome of the Cathedral of Valencia A. Alonso, A. Martínez, V. Llopis, J. Moreno
Tansverse reinforcement effects on the loading behaviour of high performances concrete beams M. Hamrat, B. Boulekbache, M. Chemrouk, S. Amziane
A Shear Transfer Model for Rough Joints based on Contact and Fracture Mechanics M. Paggi, A. Carpinteri
Drop Weight Impact Strengths of Porous Concretes investigated with a Measurement Technique using Laser Doppler Velocimetry A.S. Agar Ozbek, J. Weerheijm, E. Schlangen, K. van Breugel
A Testing Procedure for the Evaluation of Directional Mesh Bias A.T. Slobbe, M. Hendriks, J.G. Rots
Assessment of Materials Nonlinearity in Framed Structures of Reinforced Concrete and Composites E. Fenollosa, A. Alonso
Combined Acoustic Emission and Simulation Approach to Study Fracture Behavior of Concrete under Fire Load C. Grosse, R. Richter, J. Ozbolt
Review of Reinforced Concrete Biodeterioration Mechanisms F. Marquez, M. Sanchez-Silva, J. Husserl
Toward Hybrid-NDE for Rebar Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete with Acoustic Emission Y. Kawasaki, T. Kobarai, T. Okamoto, K. Izuno, M. Ohtsu
Evaluation of Nonlocal Approaches for Modelling Fracture in Notched Concrete Specimens D. Xenos, P. Grassl, M. Jirásek
An Appropriate Indicator for Bond Strength Degradation due to Reinforcement Corrosion C. Fischer, J. Ozbolt
Analytical Formulation of the Fracture Path and Shear Resistance for RC Beams L. Saucedo, R.C. Yu, G. Ruiz
Measurement of the Relative Gas Permeability of Ordinary Concrete: Influence of Saturation Degree and the Sample Size Z. Kameche, F. Ghomari, A. Khelidj, M. Choiska
Renovation Design of Aging RC Sewers as Semi-Composite Structures Based on Non-linear Response Analysis M. Nakano, Z. Shi, Y. Nakamura, Y. Takahashi, T. Haibara
Fracture Energy-based Thermodynamically Consistent Gradient Model for Concrete under High Temperature G.J. Etse, M. Ripani, S.M. Vrech
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Size Effects in Reinforced Concrete Beams with Steel or Basalt Bars E. Korol, J. Tejchman
Numerical Modelling of the Tensile Splitting Test and its Coupling with Gas Permeability N. Benkemoun, X. Jourdain, M. Choinska, A. Khelidj
Influence of Hysteretic Moisture Transfer on Concrete Durability H. Derluyn, D. Derome, J. Carmeliet, E. Stora, R. Barbarulo
Numerical Modeling of Crystallization-induced Damage H. Derluyn, P. Moonen, J. Carmeliet
Damage Evaluation of Cracked Concrete by DeCAT T. Suzuki, M. Ohtsu
Application of a Global/Local Analysis to study Size Effect in Concrete C. Oliver-Leblond, A. Delaplace, F. Ragueneau
Computational Simulation of Reinforced Concrete using the Micropolar State-Based Peridynamic Lattice Model W. Gerstle, H. Honarvar Geitanbaf, A. Asadollahi
Modelling Inelastic Behaviour of Beam-Column Joints Retrofitted with Fully Fastened Haunch Retrofit Solution A. Sharma, R. Eligehausen, J. Hofmann
Properties of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) in Tension at High Strain Rates M. Nöldgen, W. Riedel, K. Thoma, E. Fehling
Numerical Prediction of the Response of a Squat Shear Wall subjected to Monotonic Loading through PARC_CL Model B. Belletti, R. Esposito, C. Damoni
Control of Cracking in R.C. Structures: Numerical Simulation of a Squat Shear Wall C. Damoni, B. Belletti, G. Lilliu
Elastoplastic Constitutive Law for Concrete Exposed to High Temperature: Chemoplastic Modeling R. Hammoud
Simulation of Crack Propagation in RC Shear Wall Using a 3D Rigid-Body-Spring Model with Random Geometry Y. Yamamoto, H. Nakamura, I. Kuroda, N. Furuya
Modelling the Postpeak Stress-Displacement Relationship of Concrete in Uniaxial Compression T. Koshikawa
Weibull-strength Size Effect and Common Problems with Size Effect Models X. Hu, L. Liang, S. Yang
On the Numerical Simulation of the Mechanical Behavior and Failure of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete via Micromorphic Models D.F. Mora, J. Oliver, A.E. Huespe
Development of Ductile Fiber Reinforced Geopolymer Composites F. Shaikh, Y. Lu, M. Maalej
Estimation of Concrete Strength by Contrast X-ray M. Takeda, K. Otsuka
Strain Hardening Cement Based Composite (SHCC) with Fine and Coarse Sand under Tensile Load and Chloride Attack S. Paul, G. van Zijl
A Multi-Scale Computational Scheme for Anisotropic Hydro-Mechanical Couplings in Saturated Heterogeneous Porous Media B.C. Mercatoris, T.J. Massart, L.J. Sluys
Mechanical Behaviour of Reinforced Stone Beams in Bending: Experimental and Numerical Results O. Omikrine-Metalssi, C. Douthe, M. Presepi, M. Brocato
Modelling of Preloaded Reinforced-concrete Structures at Different Loading Rates A. Bach, A. Stolz, M. Nöldgen , K. Thoma
Bond Characteristics and Transfer Length of Prestressing Strand in Pretensioned Concrete Structures S. Lim, Y. Choi, B. Oh, J. Kim, S. Shin, M. Lee
A Rate-dependent Multi-scale Crack Model for Concrete A. Karamnejad, V.P. Nguyen, L.J. Sluys
Dynamic Fracture of Concrete under Direct and Indirect Tension – Numerical Simulation A. Sharma, J. Ozbolt
Tailoring High-Strength SHCC A.P. Fantilli, S. Kwon, H. Mihashi, T. Nishiwaki
Constitutive Model for Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete in Tension S.C. Lee, J.Y. Cho, F.J. Vecchio
Numerical Modelling of Non-uniform Steel Corrosion Development and its Mechanical Influences on Reinforced Concrete Structures E. Chen, C.K. Leung
A Hygro Thermo Mechanical Model For Concrete T. Jefferson, A. Chittez, R. Tenchev, G. Cole, P. Lyons, J. Ou
Modeling Damage of Concrete Caused by Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement J. Ozbolt, F. Orsanic, M. Kuster, G. Balabanic
Dynamic Tensile Resistance of Concrete – Split Hopkinson Bar Test J. Ozbolt, J. Weerheijm, A. Sharma
Developments of Prediction Model for Crack Width due to Rebar Corrosion M. Asuke, H. Oshita
Permeability of Concrete at High Temperatures and Modelling of Explosive Spalling J. Bosnjak, J. Ozbolt, A. Sharma, G. Periskic
Probabilistic Treatment of Rebar Depassivation and its Influence in the Calculation of Structural Limit States C. Andrade, F. Tavares, J. Fullea, D. Izquierdo
Coupled Simulation of Fracture Mechanics and Transport of Chlorid in Cracked Concrete Submitted to Permanent Loading F. Tavares, C. Andrade, B. Capra
Shear Reinforcement of RC Members using Post-reinforcing Bars H. Hatano, T. Nakashima, Y. Uchida, K. Rokugo
Shear Reinforcement of RC Members with Continuous Fiber Rope H. Hatano, H. Yun, T. Ohata, T. Nakashima, Y. Uchida, K. Rokugo
Failure Process Numerical Simulation of Concrete-filled Steel Tube under Eccentric Compression G.P. Zou, Z.L. Chang, X.D. Zhang, D. Wang, J. Lin, X.H. Shen
Flexural Tension Test Methods for Determination of the Tensile Stress-strain Response of Ultra-high Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete F. Baby, B. Graybeal, P. Marchand, F. Toutlemonde
Influence of Measurement Uncertainties on Results of Creep Prediction of Concrete under Cyclic Loading H. Bahadur Motra, A. Dimmig-Osburg, J. Hildebrand
Experimental Study on Mechanical Behaviors of Pseudo-Ductile Cementitious Composites and Normal Concrete under Biaxial Compression J.J. Zhou, J.L. Pan, C.K. Leung
Seismic behaviors of ECC/concrete composite beam-column joints under reversed cyclic loading J.L. Pan, F. Yuan
Effects of Drying Shrinkage on Shear Tension Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams H. Hyodo, R. Sato, K. Kawai, H. Nakayama
Modeling of THCM Behavior of Concrete: from Multiphasic Hydration of Composed Binders to Early Age Mechanical Behavior in Reinforced Structures L. Buffo-Lacarrière, A. Sellier, P. Souyris, B. Kolani
Influence of Crumb Rubber on the Mechanical Behavior of Engineered Cementitious Composites Z. Zhang, S. Qian
A Finite Element Approach for Predicting the Ultimate Rotational Capacity of RC Beams E. Rodrigues, O. Manzoli, T. Bittencourt, L. Bitencourt Jr., P. dos Prazeres
From Tomographic Images to Mesoscopic Modelling of Triaxial Behaviour of Concrete E. Piotrowska, Y. Malecot, P. Marin, C. Poinard, L. Daudeville
A New Model to Forecast the Response of Concrete Structures under Severe Loadings: the mu Damage Model J. Mazars, F. Hamon
Modelling Crack Initiation and Propagation in Masonry using the Partition of Unity Method B. Vandoren, K. De Proft, A. Simone, L.J. Sluys
Model to Simulate the Behavior of RC Beams Shear Strengthened with ETS Bars J. Barros, M. Breveglieri, A. Ventura-Gouveia, G. Dalfré, A. Aprile
Experimental Study on Flexural Behaviors of Engineered Cementitious Composite Beams Reinforced With FRP Bars F. Yuan, J.L. Pan
A Discussion on Mechanical Properties of Interface in Repaired Concrete Based on Analyses with New 2D Model A. Satoh, K. Yamada, S. Ishiyama
Research on Flexural Fatigue Properties of Functionally Graded Composite Beams Crack-Controlled by UHTCC L. Zhang, Q.H. Li, S.L. Xu
Effect of Rib Geometry on Bond Behavior and Failure Modes O. Choi
Cyclic Response of Damaged Members Repaired by Different Types SHCCs M. Kunieda, N. Ueda, H. Nakamura, T. Tamakoshi
Dual-lattice-based Simulations of Coupled Fracture-flow in Reinforced Concrete T. Saka, J.E. Bolander, P. Grassl
Frequency Effect on the Compressive Fatigue Behaviour of Plain and Fiber-reinforced Concretes A. Medeiros, X. Zhang, G. Ruiz
Influence of Loading Rate on the Fracture Behaviour of Steel Fiber-reinforced Concrete X. Zhang, A. Abd Elazim, G. Ruiz, H.M. Sallam, Z. Chang
Modelling of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Concrete using Dissipation Potential K.M. Pervaiz Fathima, J.M. Chandra Kishen
A Study on Fatigue Crack Growth in Concrete in the pre-Paris region M. Nimmy Abraham, M. Keerthy Simon, J.M. Chandra Kishen
Influence of Mineral Admixtures on Fatigue Behaviour of Self Compacting Concrete - Scanning Electron Microscopy and Microindentation Study T. Hemalatha, J.M. Chandra Kishen, A. Ramaswamy
Modeling of Crack Development in Young Concrete J. Cervenka, L. Jendele, V. Smilauer
Numerical Simulation of Shear Wall in CONCRACK Benchmark V. Cervenka, J. Cervenka
Fracture of Concrete Structural Members subjected to Blast G. Morales - Alonso, D.A. Cendón, F. Gálvez, V. Sánchez- Gálvez
A Mesoscale Modelling Perspective of Cracking Process and Fracture Energy under High Strain Rate Tension Y. Lu, J. Xu, J. Weerheijm
Some Issues on Prediction of Massive Structures Cracking at Early Age A. Hilaire, F. Benboudjema, A. Darquennes, Y. Berthaud, G. Nahas
Stochastic Lattice Simulations of Flexural Failure in Concrete Beams J. Elias, M. Vorechovsky, Z.P. Bazant
Nonlinear Finite Element Analyses of Reinforced Concrete Slabs: Comparison of Safety Formats B. Belletti, C. Damoni, M. Hendriks, J. den Uijl
A Multiscale Oriented Concept for the Analyses of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Materials and Structures Y. Zhan, G. Meschke
Numerical Analysis of Screw Anchor for Concrete Y. Li, S. Patil, B. Winkler, T. Neumaier
Seismology-based Acoustic Emission Techniques for Monitoring of Fracture Processes in Concrete Structures T. Schumacher, L. Mhamdi
Evaluation of Alkali Silica Reaction Effects on Mechanical Behaviour of Mortar D.W. Hu, I. Yurtdas, D. Chen, J.F. Shao
Effect of Loading Rate on High-strength Concrete: Numerical Simulations M. Tarifa, E. Poveda, R.C. Yu, X.X. Zhang, G. Ruiz
XFEM using a Non Linear Fracture Mechanics Approach for Concrete Crack Propagation in Dam Safety Assessment S.N. Roth, P. Léger, A. Soulaïmani
A Discrete Model for Alkali-silica-reaction in Concrete M. Alnaggar, G. Cusatis, G. Di Luzio
Microstructure-Property Relationships and the NDE of Concrete Damage and Fracture E. Landis, J. Bolander
3D Measurements to Determine Micromechanical Energy Dissipation in Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete K. Trainor, L. Flanders, E. Landis
Meso-scale Modeling for Fiber Reinforced Concrete under Mixed Mode Fracture H. Ogura, M. Kunieda, N. Ueda, H. Nakamura
Development of Wireless Remote-Controlled Testing Machine for Vertical Concrete Wall T. Iwamoto, S. Furui, I. Inoue, K. Mori
Lattice Based Simulation of Chloride Ingress in Uncracked and Cracked Concrete: Model Validation B. Šavija, J. Pacheco, E. Schlangen
Multi-Level Investigations on Behaviour of Textile Reinforced Concrete with Short Fibres under Tensile Loading R. Barhum, V. Mechtcherine
Prediction Method of Rebar Corrosion Degree in Reinforced Concrete by Thermography T. Imai, H. Oshita
Numerical Simulation of Chloride Diffusion in Reinforced Concrete Structures with Cracks C.K. Leung, D.W. Hou
Effect of Microcraking on Gas Permeability and Chloride Diffusion of Concrete A. Djerbi Tegguer, S. Bonnet, A. Khelidj, V. Baroghel-bouny
Fracture Behaviour of Concrete at High Strain Rate E. Cadoni
Monitoring of Fatigue Crack Growth in Concrete-Concrete Interfaces using Acoustic Emission S. Shah, J.M. Chandra Kishen
Multi-layer Shear Lag Model for Post-installed Anchor used in Retrofit of Concrete Structures T. Tsubaki, M. Saleem
A Probabilistic Fatigue Model Based on the Initial Distribution to Consider Frequency Effect in Plain and Fiber Reinforced Concrete L. Saucedo, R.C. Yu, A. Medeiros, X.X. Zhang, G. Ruiz
Simulating Crack Width Distributions in SHCC under Tensile Loading J. Kang, J.E. Bolander
The Effect of Self-Healing on the Durability Performance of Micro-Cracked ECC M. Sahmaran, G. Yildirim, K. Ahmed
Hydrogen Embrittlement of High Strength Steels by Phase Transitions J. Sanchez, P. de Andres, A. Castedo, C. Andrade, J. Fullea
Loss of Ductility and Strength of Reinforcing Steel due to Pitting Corrosion R. Hingorani, F. Perez, J. Sanchez, J. Fullea, C. Andrade, P. Tanner
Stress Corrosion Cracking and Fracture Toughness of High Strength Steels J. Sanchez, J. Fullea, C. Andrade
Fracture Energy of Concrete and Shear Strength of RC Beams Internally Cured using Porous Ceramic-Roof Tile Waste Aggregate M.M. Macharia, Y. Ogawa, K. Kawai, R. Sato
Corrosion Induced Cracking of Reinforced Concrete C. Fahy, D. Gallipoli, P. Grassl
Monitoring of Crack Propagation in Reinforced Concrete Beams using Embedded Piezoelectric Transducers C. Dumoulin, G. Karaiskos, A. Deraemaeker
Mechanical Model of Adhesive Post-Installed Anchor Subjected to Cyclic Shear Force Y. Takase, T. Wada, T. Ikeda, Y. Shinohara
Analytical Prediction of Crack Width of FRC/RC Beams under Short and Long Term Bending Condition E. Vasanelli, F. Micelli, M.A. Aiello, G. Plizzari
Uniaxial Tension Test Method using SHCC Prisms molded into Dumbbell Shape R. Tanaka, H. Takada, Y. Asano, K. Kobayashi, K. Rokugo
Time-Dependent Behavior of Cracked Concrete Beams under Sustained Loading R. Sarkhosh, J.C. Walraven, J.A. den Uijl
Modelling of Concrete Cracking for the Design of SHM Systems: Comparison of Implicit Gradient Damage Models and Simplified Linear Representations M. Brehm, T.J. Massart, A. Deraemaeker
A Coupled Continuous-discontinuous Approach to Concrete Elements J. Bobiski, J. Tejchman
Experimental Study on the Fracture of Lightly Reinforced Concrete elements Subjected to Eccentric Compression R. Porras-Soriano, J.R. Carmona, R.C. Yu, G. Ruiz
Analytical Estimation for Mechanical Characteristics of Concrete as a Permeable Material H. Oshita
Finite Element Analysis on the Fatigue Damage under Compression of a Concrete Slab Track E. Poveda, R.C. Yu, J.C. Lancha, G. Ruiz
Statistical Evaluation of Fatigue Tests of Plain C30/37 and C45/55 Class Concrete Specimens H. Simonova, I. Havlikova, Z. Kersner, S. Seitl
Fracture and Microstructural Studies on Normal and High Strength Concretes with Different Types of Aggregates O. Sengul, C. Sengul, G. Keskin, Y. Akkaya, C. Tasdemir, M.A. Tasdemir
Study of Concrete Cracking during Accelerated Corrosion Tests in Reinforced Concrete B. Sanz, J. Planas, J.M. Sancho
Interface Analysis between Steel Bars and Recycled Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete G. Centonze, M. Leone, E. Vasanelli, M.A. Aiello
Comparison of the Size-independent Fracture Energy of Concrete obtained by Two Test Methods H. Cifuentes, M. Alcalde, F. Medina
A Novel Experimental Method to Characterize the Cyclic Response of the Crack Tip Process Zone in a Quasi-Brittle Material E. Morice, S. Pommier
Multiscale Probabilistic Approaches and Strategies for the Modelling of Concrete Cracking J.-L Tailhan, P. Rossi, T.S. Phan, G. Rastiello, J. Foulliaron
Generalisation of Non-Iterative Numerical Methods for Damage-Plastic Behaviour Modeling R. Graça-e-Costa, J. Alfaiate, D. Dias-da-Costa, L.J. Sluys
Coupled Elasto-plastic Model with Non-local Softening Enhanced by Viscosity to Describe Dynamic Concrete Behaviour I. Marzec, J. Tejchman
Numerical Analysis of the Behaviour of Notched Specimens at Various Testing Temperatures using an Elastic Damage Model S. Djaknoun, E. Ouedraogo, A. Ahmed Benyahia
Upgrading the Push-Off Test to Study the Mechanisms of Shear Transfer in FRC Elements J. Echegaray-Oviedo, J. Navarro-Gregori, E. Cuenca, P. Serna
Modelling of Corrosion-induced Concrete Damage A.E. Thybo, A. Michel, H. Stang
A Lattice-particle Approach for the Simulation of Fracture Processes in Fiber-reinforced High-performance Concrete F. Montero-Chacón, E. Schlangen, F. Medina
Generalized Mathematical Homogenization of the Lattice Discrete Particle Model R. Rezakhani, G. Cusatis
Characterization of the Bond Behaviour between Glass and GFRP P. Neto, J. Alfaiate, R. Graça-E-Costa, D. Dias-da-Costa, L. Valarinho, J.R. Correia, F.A. Branco, J. Vinagre
Simulation of Cracking in Masonry Arch Bridges S.A. Franck, N. Bretschneider, M. Gebhardt, V. Slowik, S. Marx
Characterization of the Interface between Strain Hardening Cementitious Repair Layers and Concrete Subgrade C. Wagner, N. Bretschneider, V. Slowik
Accuracy of Approximation of Stress Field in Cracked Bodies for Failure Zone Extent Estimation L. Sestakova, V. Vesely, J. Sobek, P. Frantik
On the Characterization of Strain Hardening Cement-based Materials by Inverse Analysis of Bending Tests N. Bretschneider, B. Villmann, V. Slowik
Shear Strength of Dry Keyed Joints and Comparison with Different Formulations M. Alcalde, H. Cifuentes, F. Medina
Experimental tests and numerical modeling to indentify the asymptotic shear-compression mode IIa of concrete fracture O. Montenegro, D. Sfer, C.M. Lopez, I. Carol
Experimental Study on the Behavior of SFRC Columns under Seismic Loads F. Germano, G.A. Plizzari, G. Tiberti
Cover Cracking of the Reinforced Concrete Due To Rebar Corrosion Induced By Chloride Penetration J. Galvez, S. Guzman, J. Sancho
A Unified View on the Effect of Fibers and Loading on SFRC Creep through Linear Projection to Latent Structures E. García-Taengua, S. Arango, J.R. Martí-Vargas, P. Serna-Ros
Engineering Damage Indicators based on Advanced Finite Element Modelling M. Soufflet, F. Dufour, C. Giry, J. Mazars
Assessment Risk of Fracture in Thin-Walled Fiber Reinforced and Regular High Performance Concretes Sandwich Elements K. Hodicky, T. Hulin, J.W. Schmidt, H. Stang
Lattice Modeling of Fracture Processes in Numerical Concrete with Irregular Shape Aggregates Z. Qian, E. Schlangen
Failure Simulation of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Dynamic Loadings K. Kim, Y.M. Lim
Fiber pullout testing as a basis for fracture models of FRCC J. Bolander, K. Kim, J. Kang
A New Interaction-based Non Local Model to Predict Damage and Failure in Quasi-brittle Materials D. Grégoire, L.B. Rojas-Solano, G. Pijaudier-Cabot
Fiber Orientation in Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete and its Visualization B. Zhou, Y. Uchida
Smoothed Constitutive Model for Concrete based on Micromechanical Solutions I. Mihai, T. Jefferson
Consequences of Internal Stresses generated by Hydration on the Concrete Mechnical Behaviour M. Briffaut, F. Benboudjema, C. Laborderie, J.M. Torrenti
Fracture Analysis of Cement Treated Demolition Waste using a Lattice Model D. Xuan, E. Schlangen, A. Molenaar, L. Houben
Numerical Modelling of Large Reinforced Concrete Specimens based on Experimental Tests from Benchmark Concrack L. Adelaide, R. Ruocci, C. Rospars
Shear Strength of ASR-Deteriorated RC Members and Shear Reinforcing Effect of Repair by Adding Rebar K. Kobayashi, T. Fukushima, K. Rokugo
The Effect of Concrete Strength on Cracking of SFRC Members G. Tiberti, F. Minelli, G. Plizzari, F.J. Vecchio
Limit states of RC structures: Reinforcement corrosion, reliability and modelling D. Voechovská, B. Teplý
Description of Near-tip Fracture Processes in Strain Hardening Cementitious Composites Using Image-based Analysis and the Compact Tension Test E. Pereira, G. Fischer, J. Barros
A Lattice Model for Liquid Transport in Cracked Unsaturated Heterogeneous Porous Materials P. Grassl, C. Fahy, D. Gallipoli, J. Bolander
Experimental Studies of Brick and Mortar Composites using Digital Image Analysis A. Mohammadipour, K. Willam, A. Ayoub
The Effect of Circular Openings on the Brittle-ductile Fracture of Ferrous Flat Bars S. Beizaee, K. Willam, G. Xotta
Crushing and Fracture Energies in Concrete Specimens Monitored by Acoustic Emission G. Lacidogna, F. Accornero, M. Corrado, A. Carpinteri
Shear Database for Reinforced and Prestressed Beams made with Fiber Reinforced Concrete E. Cuenca, P. Serna, G. Plizzari
Prediction of Mechanical Consequences of drying: from Laboratory to Concrete Structures F. Benboudjema, J.M. Torrenti
Evaluation of Crack Propagation in ASR Damaged Concrete Based on Image Analysis T. Miki, K. Matsutani, Y. Miyagawa
Acoustic Emission Wireless Transmission System for Structural and Infrastructural Networks A. Carpinteri, G. Lacidogna, A. Manuello, G. Niccolini
Cracking Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams using a Finite – Discrete Element Methods Approach C. Oliver-Leblond, B. Richard, A. Delaplace, F. Ragueneau
Modeling of Chloride Transport in Non-saturated Concrete. From Microscale to Macroscale M. Fenaux, E. Reyes, A. Moragues, J.C. Galvez
Finite Element Simulation of Sandwich Panels of Plasterboard and Rock Wool under Mixed Mode Fracture J.A. Alonso, E. Reyes, J.C. Galvez
Silica-additivated Cement Pastes obtained from Different Mixing Conditions: Influence on the Hydration Process D. Alonso-Domínguez, A. Moragues, E. Reyes, I. Álvarez-Serrano, C. Pico
Edge Debonding in FRP-strengthened Concrete Beams: an Analytical Approach based on the Cohesive Crack Model P. Cornetti, M. Corrado, L. De Lorenzis, A. Carpinteri
Competition and Interplay between Different Failure Mechanisms in Concrete Beams strengthened by FRP Plates M. Corrado, P. Cornetti, A. Carpinteri
Strength and Modes of Failure of Adhesive Anchors in Confined Concrete under Direct Tensile Loading G. Appa Rao, J. Arora
Strengthening of Shear Deficient RC Beam-Column Joints in MRFs under Seismic Loading G. Appa Rao, V. Navya, R. Eligehausen
Monitoring Elastic Properties of Concrete since Very Early Age by Means of Cyclic Loadings, Ultrasonic Measurements, Natural Resonant Frequency of Composite Beam (EMM-ARM) and with Smart Aggregates C. Boulay, S. Staquet, M. Azenha, A. Deraemaeker, M. Crespini, J. Carette, J. Granja, B. Delsaute, C. Dumoulin, G. Karaiskos
A Simple Two-stage Model for simulating Drying Shrinkage vs. Mass-loss Evolution of Concrete A. Delaplace, H. Noyalet
Characterisation of 3D Fracture Evolution in Concrete using In-situ X-Ray Computed Tomography Testing and Digital Volume Correlation Z. Yang, W. Ren, M. Mostafavi, S. McDonald, J. Marrow
Evaluation of Time-Dependent Behaviour of Composite Concrete Slabs with Steel Decking (An Experimental Study) A.R. Gholamhoseini, R.I. Gilbert, M.A. Bradford , Z.T. Chang
Flexural Behavior of Cement Based Element Reinforced with 3D Fabric E. Amzaleg, A. Peled, S. Janetzko, T. Gries
Impact of Surface Roughness on the Debonding Mechanism in Concrete Repairs M. Lukovic, E. Schlangen, G. Ye, B. Savija
Uniaxial Fracture Energy of Waste Tyre Rubber Concrete I. Merta, E. Tschegg
Numerical Modelling of Textile Reinforced Concrete N. Williams Portal, K. Lundgren, A.M. Walter, J.O. Frederiksen, L.N. Thrane
Modeling Electrolyte Diffusion in Cracked Cementitious Materials using Cascade Continuum Micromechanics and Phase-field Models J. Timothy, G. Meschke
Modelling Cracking and Bending Failure of SFRC Beams with Conventional Reinforcement D. Fall, R. Rempling, A. Jansson, K. Lundgren
Concrete Behavior under Triaxial Load: Experimentation and Improvement of a Damage and Plasticity Constitutive Model for Concrete X.D. Vu, Y. Malecot, L. Daudeville, M Briffaut, B. Cirée
Investigation on the Durability of Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Exposed to Marine Environment F. Nabavi, S. Nejadi, B. Samali
Effect of Fiber Reinforcement on the Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams G.J. Parra-Montesinos, H.H. Dinh, J.K. Wight
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