FraMCoS-4 Cachan (France), 2001 Proceedings

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Microstructure  and materials engineering


Fracture Mechanics of Fibre-Reinforced Concrete: Material Modeling and Experimental Technique

O. Bayard, O. Ple & A. Alvandl


Mesoscopic approach for modelling the nonlinear hysteretic response of damaged porous media in quasi-static and dynamic loading: Effects of pressure and moisture saturation

J Carmeliet & K. Van Den Abeele


Uniaxial tensile test and fractal evaluation of softening damage in concrete

A. Carpinteri & Slnvernizzi


Fracture Modeling with a Microstructural Mechanics Approach 

C. S. Chang, T. K. Wang, L. J  Sluys & J G. M van Mier


Length Scales of Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites - a Review

E. Chuang, M Overland, & F. -J Ulm


Material response fluctuations and correlation with internal lengths 

A. Delap/ace, S Roux & G. Pijaudier-Cabot


Boundary effect on concrete fracture induced by non-constant fracture energy distribution

K. Duan, X Z. Hu & F. H. Wittmann


Three-dimensional Numerical Concrete applied to investigate effective properties of composite materials

T. Horsch & F. H. Wittmann


Investigation of ductile cement based composites for seismic strengthening and retrofit

K E. Kesner & S L. Billington


Numerical Simulation for Quasi-Brittle Interface Fracture in Cementitious Bi-material System

Y. M Lim, M K. Kim & SK. Shin & V. C. Li


Fractological investigations on the fracture in concrete

V. Mechtcherine & H. S Miiller


Cohesive multiscale 3-D FE model applied to study the dynamc mixed-mode fracture of concrete

G. Ruiz, A. Pandolfi & M Ortiz


Numerical Investigations on Damage in Cementitious Composites under Combined Drying Shrinkage and Mechanical Load

H. Sadouki & F. H. Wittmann


Statistical Property of Internal Cracks in Concrete

M Saichi, H. Shinohe & H. Mihashi


Numerical calculation mechanics model considering hydration of concrete 

K. Tajima, K. Moriizumi & N Shirai


Design for the Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Discontinuous Fiber­ Reinforced Cementitious Composites Manufactured by Extrusion Molding

H. Takashima,K. Miyagai, T. Hashida & V. C. Li


Effect of Type and Volume Fraction of Aggregate on the Fracture Properties of Concrete

M. A. Tasdemir & B. L. Karihaloo


Durability, time dependence and coupled problems


Durability Mechanics of Calcium Leaching of Concrete and Beyond

F. -J U!m, F. H. Heukamp, & J T. Germaine


Finite element simulation of chemo-mechanical damage under cyclic loading conditions 

F. Bangert, D. Kuhl  & G. Meschke


Time-Dependent Fracture of Concrete using Fractional Order Rate Laws

F. Bmpi & S. Valente


A Basic Creep Model for Concrete Subjected to Multiaxial Loads

F. Benboudjema, F. Meftah, A. Sellier, G. Heinfling & J -M Torrenti


Drying creep: an elasto-plastic damage approach of the structural effect

F. Benboudjema, F. Meftah & J -M Torrenti


Development of fracture characteristics of cement pastes and causes of microcracking

V. Bilek, T. Mosler, Z. Kerfoer  & P. Schmid


Mechanical modelling of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in concrete structures

B. Capra & A. Sellier


Effect of cracking due to thermal treatment in cement-based materials on chloride diffusion and gas permeability processes

S. Care


Modelling thermo-hygro-mechanical behaviour of High Performance Concrete in high temperature environments

D. Gawin, C. E. Majorana, F. Pesavento & B. A. Schrefler 


Numerical modeling of environmentally induced deterioration of concrete  

S. Grasberger, F. Bangert, D. Kuhl  & G. Meschke


Beyond the Crack Size Criterion: The Effect of a Fracture on Calcium Depletion of Cementitious Materials

F. H. Heukamp, M Mainguy & F. -J  Ulm


Consequences of desiccation on mechanical damage of concrete 

F. X Hubert, N Burlion & J F. Shao


Numerical Analysis of Moisture Flow and Concrete Cracking by means of Lattice Type Models

D. Jankovic, M Kiintz & J G. M van Mier


Mechanical analysis of concrete structures submitted to an aggressive water attack 

C. L e Bellego, B. Gerard & G. Pijaudier-Cabot


Modelling bond between  corroded reinforcement  and concrete

K. Lundgren


An isotropic damage model for non linear creep behavior of concrete in compression

C. M azzotti, M Savoia & A. Tralli


Structural concrete behavior: coupled effect of drying and loading 

L. Molez, Y. Berthaud, D. Beaupre & B. Bissonnette


On the modeling of thermo-mechanical concrete for the finite element analysis of structures submitted to elevated temperatures

W. Nechnech, J -M Reynouard & F. Meftah


Realistic models for degree of hydration and moisture distribution in concrete at early age 

B. H. Oh & S. W. Cha


Experimental and numerical study on the effect of sulfates on calcium leaching of cement paste

D. Planel, J Sercombe, P. Le Bescop, F. Adenot, A. Se/lier, B. Capra, & J -M Torrenti


Plasticity and damage mechanics models for concrete with alkali-aggregate reaction

H. X Wen


The time scale in concrete fracture: A model based on partitions of unity

G. P. A. G. van Zijl & G. N Wells


Cracking of a saturated hydrated cement system exposed to frost action - numerical modeling

B. Zuber, J Marchand & G. Pijaudier-Cabot


Experimental techniques


Internal Structure and Fracture in Three Dimensions

E. N Landis


Fracture process zone in high strength concrete

G. Appa Rao & B. K. Raghu Prasad


Gas penneability tests on concrete damaged by drying shrinkage and its anisotropy effect

N Burlion & F. Skoczylas


Behavior of plain concrete subjected to tensile loading at high strain-rate

E. Cadoni, C. Albertini, K. Labibes & G. Solomos


 Mixed mode fracture of double-edge notched specimens of concrete 

J C. Galvez, D. A. Cendan & M E/ices


Softening properties of concrete under biaxial loading 

S. Ishiguro


Fracture Mechanics Approach to Nondestructive Evaluation of Crack Depth in Concrete by Ultrasonic Method 

T. Kamada, K. Wakatsuki, M Asano, M Kunieda & K. Rokugo


Draft on the JCI Standard Test Method for Determining Tension Softening Properties of Concrete

Y. Kitsutaka, Y. Uchida, H Mihashi, Y. Kaneko, S. Nakamura & N Kurihara


Internal alterations of the structure of concrete due to compressive loading 

K. Klemt, O. Kroggel & P. Grub!


Flexural Failure Behavior of Concrete Beams Repaired by Crack Injection Techniques  

M Kunieda, T. Kamada, K. Rokugo & T. Kawase


Acoustic emission measurements of fracture energy

E. N Landis & L. Baillon


Experimental investigation of fracture processes in concrete cylinders subjected to torsion 

G. Lilliu & J. G. M van Mier


Test methods for determining tenion softening diagram for concrete 

H. Mihashi, Y. Kaneko, K. Kirikoshi, K. Otsuka & H. Akita


Fracture properties of concrete in cryogenic conditions 

C. Rocco, J. Planas, G. V. Guinea & M E/ices


Evaluation of Fracture Behavior of Concrete Joints under Shear Force 

K. Rokugo, S. C. Lim, M Kunieda, T. Kamada & W. Koyanagi


Fast Fourier One-dimensional analysis of concrete crack surface  

R. Sato, T. Wada, R. Sato & M Ueda


Cable loaded uniaxial tensile tests on quasi-brittle material

C. Shi & J. G. M van Mier


Shear behavior in fracture process zone of concrete

Y. Shinohara


Establishment of Uniaxial Tensile Test Procedure for High Strength Concrete

D. Sohn, H. Akita, H. Koide & M Jgarashi


Fracture behaviour testing of cementitious interfaces in mode I, II, III

C. H. Surberg & E. K. Tschegg


Fracture energy of high performance concrete at temperatures up to 450°C

B. Zhang & N. Bicanic



Constitutive  modelling


Continuous Damage Models for Fracture of Concrete 

G. Pijaudier-Cabot, R. de Borst & J. Mazars


Effects of diffuse cracking around a main cohesive crack in diagonal splitting tests

1. Arbilla & J. Planas


Estimation of Fracture Energy from Basic Characteristics of Concrete 

Z. P. Bažant & E. Becq-Giraudon


Vertex Effect and Confinement of Fracturing Concrete via Microplane Model M4 

Z. P. Bažant, F. C. Caner & J. Cervenka


Self-induced lateral X-tension in concrete under compression and constitutive equation of its integrity

I. Blechman


Mechanical anisotropy induced by drying shrinkage: modeling and experiment

N. Burlion, F. Bourgeois & J. F. Shao           


New thermodynamic framework for microplane model 

I. Carol, M Jirasek & Z. P. Bažant


The bridged crack model for reinforced concrete elements with a nonlinear matrix

A. Cwpinteri, G. Ferro & G. Ventura


Effect of friction on energy release rate for interfacial cracks in gravity dams

J. M C. Kishen & V. Sujatha


On the identification of SFRC tensile constitutive behavior

M di Prisco, R. Felicetti, F. Iorio & R. Gettu


A two-surface anisotropic damage/plasticity model for plain concrete

E. . Hansen, K. Willam & I Carol


Concrete splitting and bond in prestressed concrete beams with indented wires

J C. Ga!vez, B. Tork, D. A. Cendan, J P!anas & S. Gupta


Importance of Multiple Damage model for Analysis of RC Structures

S. Gupta


Fatigue Behaviour of Concrete in Tension

C. Kessler-Kramer, V. Mechtcherine & H. S. Miiller


A comparison in tension softening curves obtained by a uniaxial tension test and a 3-point bending test with an inverse analysis

H. Koide, fl. Akita, D. Sohn & M Toman


Stress-Strain Relation of Confined Concrete under Dynamic Loading

S. Kono, F. Watanabe & A. Kajitani


Nonlinear interfacial softening for concrete beams retrofitted with composite plate

C. K. YLeung, M K!enke, W. K. Tung & H. C. YLuk


Constitutive relations for numerical analysis of stress deformation behavior of concrete subjected to thermal loads

V. Mechtcherine & H. S. Miiller


Microplane model with relaxed kinematie constraint

J Oibolt, Y -J Li & I. Kozar


On regularized plasticity models for strain-softening materials

S. Rolshoven & M Jirasek


Mixed mode fracture of an higher-order beam model in gradient plasticity

M G. Salomon, J -M Reynouard & F. Meftah


Rotating smeared crack and orthotropic damage modeling for concrete

A. Sellier, B. Bary & B. Capra


Modeling of fatigue crack growth in concrete subjected to mode I crack opening

A.     Toumi, A. Bascoul & A. Turatsinze


Microstructure and materials engineering


Fracture Mechanics of Fibre-Reinforced Concrete: Material Modeling and Experimental Technique

O. Bayard, O. Ple & A. Alvandl


Mesoscopic approach for modelling the nonlinear hysteretic response of damaged porous media in quasi-static and dynamic loading: Effectsof pressure and moisture saturation

J Carmeliet & K. Van Den Abeele


Uniaxial tensile test and fractal evaluation of softening damage in concrete

A. Carpinteri & Slnvernizzi

Fracture Modeling with a Microstructural Mechanics Approach 

C. S. Chang, T. K. Wang, L. J  Sluys & J G. M van Mier


Length Scales of Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites - a Review

E. Chuang, M Overland, & F. -J Ulm


Material response fluctuations and correlation with internal lengths 

A.     Delap/ace, S Roux & G. Pijaudier-Cabot


Boundary effect on concrete fracture induced by non-constant fracture energy distribution

K. Duan, X Z. Hu & F. H. Wittmann


Three-dimensional Numerical Concrete applied to investigate effective properties of composite materials

T. Horsch & F. H. Wittmann


Investigation of ductile cementbased composites for seismic strengthening and retrofit

K E. Kesner & S L. Billington


Numerical Simulation for Quasi-Brittle Interface Fracture in Cementitious Bi-material System

Y. M Lim, M K. Kim & SK. Shin & V. C. Li


Fractological investigations on the fracture in concrete

V. Mechtcherine & H. S Miiller


Cohesive multiscale 3-D FE model applied to study the dynamy mixed-mode fracture of concrete

G. Ruiz, A. Pandolfi & M Ortiz


Numerical Investigations on Damage in Cementitious Composites under Combined Drying Shrinkage and Mechanical Load

H. Sadouki & F. H. Wittmann


Statistical Property of Internal Cracks in Concrete

M Saichi, H. Shinohe & H. Mihashi


Numerical calculation mechanics model considering hydration of concrete 

K. Tajima, K. Moriizumi & N Shirai


Design for the Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Discontinuous Fiber­ Reinforced Cementitious Composites Manufacturedby Extrusion Molding

H. Takashima,K. Miyagai, T. Hashida & V. C. Li


Effect of Type and Volume Fraction of Aggregate on the Fracture Properties of Concrete

M. A. Tasdemir & B. L. Karihaloo


Durability, time dependence and coupled problems


Durability Mechanics of Calcium Leaching of Concrete and Beyond

F. -J U!m, F. H. Heukamp, & J T. Germaine


Finite element simulation of chemo-mechanical damage under cyclic loading conditions 

F. Bangert, D. Kuhl  & G. Meschke


Time-Dependent Fracture of Concrete using Fractional Order Rate Laws

F. Bmpi & S. Valente


A Basic Creep Model for Concrete Subjected to Multiaxial Loads

F. Benboudjema, F. Meftah, A. Sellier, G. Heinfling & J -M Torrenti


Drying creep: an elasto-plastic damage approach of the structural effect

F. Benboudjema, F. Meftah & J -M Torrenti


Development of fracture characteristics of cement pastes and causes of microcracking

V. Bilek, T. Mosler, Z. Kerfoer  & P. Schmid


Mechanical modelling of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in concrete structures

B. Capra & A. Sellier


Effect of cracking due to thermal treatment in cement-based materials on chloride diffusion and gas permeability processes

S. Care


Modelling thermo-hygro-mechanical behaviour of High Performance Concrete in high temperature environments

D. Gawin, C. E. Majorana, F. Pesavento & B. A. Schrefler 


Numerical modeling of environmentally induced deterioration of concrete  

S. Grasberger, F. Bangert, D. Kuhl  & G. Meschke


Beyond the Crack Size Criterion: The Effect of a Fracture on Calcium Depletion of Cementitious Materials

F. H. Heukamp, M Mainguy & F. -J  Ulm


Consequences of desiccation on mechanical damage of concrete 

F. X Hubert, N Burlion & J F. Shao


Numerical Analysis of Moisture Flow and Concrete Cracking by means of Lattice Type Models

D. Jankovic, M Kiintz & J G. M van Mier


Mechanical analysis of concrete structures submitted to an aggressive water attack 

C. L e Bellego, B. Gerard & G. Pijaudier-Cabot


Modelling bond between  corroded reinforcement  and concrete

K. Lundgren


An isotropic damage model for non linear creep behavior of concrete in compression

C. M azzotti, M Savoia & A. Tralli


Structural concrete behavior: coupled effect of drying and loading 

L. Molez, Y. Berthaud, D. Beaupre & B. Bissonnette


On the modeling of thermo-mechanical concrete for the finite element analysis of structures submitted to elevated temperatures

W. Nechnech, J -M Reynouard & F. Meftah


Realistic models for degree of hydration and moisture distribution in concrete at early age 

B. H. Oh & S. W. Cha


Experimental and numerical study on the effect of sulfates on calcium leaching of cement paste

D. Planel, J Sercombe, P. Le Bescop, F. Adenot, A. Se/lier, B. Capra, & J -M Torrenti


Plasticity and damage mechanics models for concrete with alkali-aggregate reaction

H. X Wen


The time scale in concrete fracture: A model based on partitions of unity

G. P. A. G. van Zijl & G. N Wells


Cracking of a saturated hydrated cement system exposed to frost action - numerical modeling

B. Zuber, J Marchand & G. Pijaudier-Cabot


Experimental techniques


Internal Structure and Fracture in Three Dimensions

E. N Landis


Fracture process zone in high strength concrete

G. Appa Rao & B. K. Raghu Prasad


Gas permeability tests on concrete damaged by drying shrinkage and its anisotropy effect

N Burlion & F. Skoczylas


Behavior of plain concrete subjected to tensile loading at high strain-rate

E. Cadoni, C. Albertini, K. Labibes & G. Solomos


 Mixed mode fracture of double-edge notched specimens of concrete 

J C. Galvez, D. A. Cendan & M E/ices


Softening properties of concrete under biaxial loading 

S. Ishiguro


Fracture Mechanics Approach to Nondestructive Evaluation of Crack Depth in Concrete by Ultrasonic Method 

T. Kamada, K. Wakatsuki, M Asano, M Kunieda & K. Rokugo


Draft on the JCI Standard Test Method for Determining Tension Softening Properties of Concrete

Y. Kitsutaka, Y. Uchida, H Mihashi, Y. Kaneko, S. Nakamura & N Kurihara


Internal alterations of the structure of concrete due to compressive loading 

K. Klemt, O. Kroggel & P. Grub!


Flexural Failure Behavior of Concrete Beams Repaired by Crack Injection Techniques  

M Kunieda, T. Kamada, K. Rokugo & T. Kawase


Acoustic emission measurements of fracture energy

E. N Landis & L. Baillon


Experimental investigation of fracture processes in concrete cylinders subjected to torsion 

G. Lilliu & J. G. M van Mier


Test methods for determining tension softening diagram for concrete 

H. Mihashi, Y. Kaneko, K. Kirikoshi, K. Otsuka & H. Akita


Fracture properties of concrete in cryogenic conditions 

C. Rocco, J. Planas, G. V. Guinea & M E/ices


Evaluation of Fracture Behavior of Concrete Joints under Shear Force 

K. Rokugo, S. C. Lim, M Kunieda, T. Kamada & W. Koyanagi


Fast Fourier One-dimentional analysis of concrete crack surface  

R. Sato, T. Wada, R. Sato & M Ueda


Cable loaded uniaxial tensile tests on quasi-brittle material

C. Shi & J. G. M van Mier


Shear behavior in fracture process zone of concrete

Y. Shinohara


Establishment of Uniaxial Tensile Test Procedure for High Strength Concrete

D. Sohn, H. Akita, H. Koide & M Jgarashi


Fracture behaviour testing of cementitious interfaces in mode I, II, III

C. H. Surberg & E. K. Tschegg


Fracture energy of high performance concrete at temperatures up to 450°C

B. Zhang & N. Bicanic



Constitutive  modelling


Continuous Damage Models for Fracture of Concrete 

G. Pijaudier-Cabot, R. de Borst & J. Mazars


Effects of diffuse cracking around a main cohesive crack in diagonal splitting tests

1. Arbilla & J. Planas


Estimation of Fracture Energy from Basic Characteristics of Concrete 

Z. P. Bažant & E. Becq-Giraudon


Vertex Effect and Confinement of Fracturing Concrete via Microplane Model M4 

Z. P. Bažant, F. C. Caner & J. Cervenka


Self-induced lateral X-tension in concrete under compression and constitutive equation of its integrity

I. Blechman


Mechanical anisotropy induced by drying shrinkage: modeling and experiment

N. Burlion, F. Bourgeois & J. F. Shao           


New thermodynamic framework for microplane model 

I. Carol, M Jirasek & Z. P. Bažant


The bridged crack model for reinforced concrete elements with a nonlinear matrix

A. Cwpinteri, G. Ferro & G. Ventura


Effect of friction on energy release rate for interfacial cracks in gravity dams

J. M C. Kishen & V. Sujatha


On the identification of SFRC tensile constitutive behavior

M di Prisco, R. Felicetti, F. Iorio & R. Gettu


A two-surface anisotropic damage/plasticity model for plain concrete

E.  Hansen, K. Willam & I Carol


Concrete splitting and bond in prestressed  concrete beams with indented wires

J C. Ga!vez, B. Tork, D. A. Cendan, J P!anas & S. Gupta


Importance of Multiple Damage model for Analysis of RC Structures

S. Gupta


Fatigue Behaviour of Concrete in Tension

C. Kessler-Kramer, V. Mechtcherine & H. S. Miiller


A comparison in tension softening curves obtained by a uniaxial tension test and a 3-point bending test with an inverse analysis

H. Koide, fl. Akita, D. Sohn & M Toman


Stress-Strain Relation of Confined Concrete under Dynamic Loading

S. Kono, F. Watanabe & A. Kajitani


Nonlinear interfacial softening for concrete beams retrofitted with composite plate

C.K.Y. Leung, M.  Klenke, W.K. Tung & H.CY. Luk


Constitutive relations for numerical analysis of stress deformation behavior of concrete subjected to thermal loads

V. Mechtcherine & H. S. Miiller


Microplane model with relaxed kinematic constraint

J Oibolt, Y -J Li & I. Kozar


On regularized plasticity models for strain-softening materials

S. Rolshoven & M Jirasek


Mixed mode fracture of an higher-order beam model in gradient plasticity

M G. Salomon, J -M Reynouard & F. Meftah


Rotating smeared crack and orthotropic damage modeling for concrete

A. Sellier, B. Bary & B. Capra


Modeling of fatigue crack growth in concrete subjected to mode I crack opening

A. Toumi, A. Bascoul & A. Turatsinze


Size effects


Size Effect in Hardened Cement Paste and High Strength Concrete

B. L. Karihaloo & H. M Abdalla


Size Effects Quasibrittle Fracture: Apercu of Recent Results

ZP. Bažant


Nonlocal Weibull theory and size effect in failures at fracture initiation

ZP. Bažant & D. Novak


Friction and specimen slenderness influences on dissipated energy density of quasi­ brittle materials in compression: an explanation based on fractal fragmentation theory

A. Carpinteri & N. Pugno


Size effect in steel-concrete bond: test results and modelling for smooth bars

D. Coronelli, P. G. Gambarova & P. Ravazzani


Size effect in splitting tests on plain and steel fiber-reinforced concrete: A non-local damage analysis

L. Ferrara & R. Gettu


Using numerical simulations to determine the accuracy of the size-effect and two­ parameter data reduction methods for fracture toughness tests of concrete

J. H. Hanson & A. R. lngraffea


Size effect analysis of reinforced concrete deep beams

T. Hasegawa


Effect of Specimen Sizes on Flexural Compressive Strength of Concrete

J. K. Kim, S. T. Yi & J. H. J. Kim


On the size-effect phenomenon in concrete structures

M. D. Kotsovos & M N. Pavlovic


Concrete modulus of rupture - analytical description of strength, size-effect and brittleness

C. V. Nielsen & N. Bicanic


Punching failure - influence of material properties and size effect

J. Oibolt, H. Vocke & R. Elgehausen


Scale effects on the fracture of high-strength concrete

P. C. Perdikaris


Computational techniques


Computational Fracture Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams Toward Engineering Evaluation of Seismic Safety

H. Horii & S. -C. Chen


Strong embedded discontinuities for simulating fracture in quasi-brittle materials

J. Alfaiate, G. N. Wells & L. J. Sluys


Meso-scopic concrete analysis with a lattice model

M. Asai, K. Terada and K. lkeda


Equivalent Localization Element for Crack Band Model and as Alternative to Elements with Embedded Discontinuities

Z. P. Bažant, J. Cervenka & M. Wierer


Rigid-Body-Spring Network modeling of cement-based composites

J. E. Bolander, M. Yip, K. Moriizumi & M . Kunieda


Inelastic Model Combining Distributed Micro-cracking and Macro-cracking Induced by Strain Softening

D. Brancherie  & A. lbrahimbegovic


Interfacial debonding mechanism of FRP-strengthened concrete structures with BEM

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