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    • J. M. Chandra Kishen, A. Ramaswamy, S. Ray and R. Vidyasagar
    Paper title Authors
    X-Ray CT-Based Measurements of Rate Effects in Fracture of High-performance Concrete Aidan R Carlson and Eric N Landis
    Advances on high-fidelity phase-field models for fracture mechanics of quasi-brittle materials and interfaces Paggi, marco; lenarda, pietro
    Modelling of damage processes in concrete under monotonic and cyclic loading Gudzulic, vladislav; daadouch, koussay; meschke, günther
    Modelling the behavior of i-shape concrete beams reinforced with fibers and prestressed steel and gfrp bars Bagherinejad shahrbijri, kamyar; barros, joaquim; valente, isabel; kaklauskas, gintaris
    Modelling the behavior of rc beams simultaneously strengthened for flexural and shear with cfrp systems Barros, joaquim
    Pullout behavior of short fibers under monotonic and cyclic loadings Ali, atizaz
    Numerical modelling of masonry-like materials under cyclic loading Rostagni, héloïse; giry, cédric; ragueneau, frédéric
    Evaluation of tensile strength of slag blended cement paste using mult-scale analysis framework Kim, se-yun; eum, donghwi; mun, deokgi; han, tong-seok
    Influence of fiber orientation on the cyclic behavior of strain-hardening cement-based composites (shcc) Junger, dominik; mechtcherine, viktor
    Investigations into the microstructural composition of cement paste with carbon dioxide sequestration Chechani, pranjal v; ramaswamy, ananth
    Multi-scale modeling of the elastic properties of hydrated cement paste with consideration of adhesion between phases. Reactive molecular dynamics simulations and homogenization Hoeun, sela; bernard, fabrice; grondin, frédéric; kamali-bernard, siham; alam, syed yasir
    How do corrosion-driven mechanisms change cementitious material’s pore structure and impact the corrosion-driven fracture? Pundir, mohit; angst, ueli; kammer, david
    Fracture properties in compression - determination of a compressive fracture energy using digital image correlation technique Anders, steffen; goldack, arndt; mueller, nils
    A novel experimental method to calculate the fracture surface energy of geothermal bedrocks in realistic temperature conditions, as a contribution to climate change mitigation Rodriguez, omar
    Non-local anisotropic damage coupled to plasticity Tricoche, mathias; sellier, alain; millard, alain; morenon, pierre; papon, aurelie; grimal, etienne; tajetti, romain; kolmayer, philippe; raude, simon
    A pso identification procedure for phase field fracture mechanics parameters Tota, rakesh kumar; paggi, marco
    A nonlinear model for predicting the early age creep of concrete under compressive loadings Lejouad, chaymaa
    Discrete modeling of concrete failure and size effect Pijaudier-cabot, gilles; pathirage, madura; tong, danyang; thierry, flavien; cusatis, gianluca; gregoire, david
    Experimental and numerical study of fatigue damage in hardened cement paste at the microscale Šavija, branko
    Fracture toughness of plain concrete under mode ii loading Darla, sudhakar; g, appa rao
    Railway infrastructure asset analysis using a global-local approach Gamino, andré luís; santos, ruan; bitencourt jr., luis; bittencourt, túlio; futai, marcos
    Fracture prediction for large concrete beams using measurements from small notched concrete samples Han, gang; han, xiangyu; hu, xiaozhi
    Modified cyclic model of interfaces with roughened surface and dowel bar subjected to normal and shear stresses Takase, yuya
    Effect of dilation angle and eccentricity parameters on the behaviour of rc shear walls Chandrabhatla, hymavathi annapoorna; g, appa rao
    A continuous approach for modelling fracture formation in porous, quasi-brittle materials and its application to callovo-oxfordian claystone. La borderie, christian; rabone, jeremy; rodrigues de amorim, romain ; vu, minh-ngoc; wang, hui
    Size effect in fracture of strain hardening cementitious composites: experimental and numerical investigation Wang, qingmin; yin, xing; li, qinghua; xu, shilang
    Study on interface fracture and failure modes in steel plate and concrete embedment A, selva ganesa moorthi; g, appa rao
    Efficiency of bond-slip response for fe numerical modeling of reinforced concrete- a review Kumar, abhishek; g, appa rao
    Fatigue characterization of a high-performance steel fiber reinforced concrete (hpfrc) by means of compressive, flexural, and z-type shear tests Davolio, marco; azhar, hamza; volpatti, giovanni; florez gutierrez, alfredo alan; zampini, davide; lo monte, francesco; ferrara, liberato
    Influence of inter-layer interfaces on fracture behavior of 3d printed concrete Paritala, spandana; kamakshi, tippabhotla; subramaniam, kolluru v.l.
    Fracture toughness of high strength concrete in direct tension G, appa rao; b k, raghu prasad
    Finite element analysis of concrete cone failure mechanism in post-installed anchors applied to frost-damaged concrete Ishida, yutaro; takase, yuya; shiokoshi, taito; ishigaki, tsutomu; takahashi, muneomi
    Shear strength of rc deep beams with and without web openings A, rajprabhu; g, appa rao
    Microcrack and fatigue behavior of high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete under cyclic compressive loading Schäfer, niklas
    A new mix design method for steel-fiber reinforced concrete based on its rheological and fracture behavior De la rosa velasco, ángel; ruiz, gonzalo; masih, vaibhav w; zanon, riccardo
    Q-statistics for inter-event time distribution of acoustic emission in concrete fracture under monotonic loading Burud, nitin  baban; kishen, chandra jm
    Material modelling and simulation of 3d concrete printing process Rymeš, jiří; cervenka, jan; jendele, libor
    Finite element analysis of concrete using complementary x-ray and neutron computed tomography images Diamondra fenosoa tiana, razakamandimby ranjanoro
    Meta-analysis of code-based design methods to quantify the fire resistance ratings of concrete columns Rokade, mahadev sitaram; rush, david; stratford, tim
    Acoustic emission attenuation in single-mix and functionally layered concrete slabs Cocking, sam; giménez fernández, mar; tziavos, nikolaos; lees, janet
    Fatigue-induced concrete fracture under combined compression and shear studied using standard cylinder and refined punch-through shear test setup Aguilar , mario; chudoba, rostislav; classen, martin; baktheer, abedulgader; becks, henrik
    Dic analysis of crack initiation and growth in the modified brazilian test of steel fiber-reinforced concrete Masih, vaibhav w; ruiz, gonzalo; de la rosa velasco, ángel; c yu, rena
    Study on hybrid strengthening for rc beams  deteriorated by rebar corrosion Ueda, naoshi; shimomura, hanako; sato, yasuhiko; ozaki, mitsuhiko
    Machine learning regression models for peak shear strength prediction of squat shear walls Tyagi, shashank tyagi
    Ultrasonic investigation on concrete cubes subjected to load-induced cracks Gopal, ramesh; santhanam, manu; sangoju, bhaskar
    Uncertainty in the simulation of concrete fracture and comparison with blind competitions Cervenka, jan
    A new perspective on crack instability  of spalling concrete in fire Yarmohammadian, ramin; felicetti, roberto; bamonte, patrick
    Use of infrared data for detection of concrete defect in service thrust block based on heat balance analysis Kazuma, shibano; masaomi, kimura; kentaro, ohno; tetsuya, suzuki
    Non-destructive detection of an artificial defect in concrete with infrared thermography and heat balance simulation Hagiwara, taiki
    Numerical investigation on interlayer and filament fracture behaviour of 3d printed concrete(3dpc) Saravanan, pradeep; ramaswamy, ananth
    Size and shape effects on the compressive fatigue of SFRC Ruiz, gonzalo; gonzález, dorys carmen; yu, rena c.; vicente, miguel ángel; ortega, josé joaquín; poveda, elisa; mena-alonso, alvaro; tarifa, manuel; de la rosa velasco, ángel
    Energy dissipation approach to characterize the fracture  behavior of concrete under fatigue loading Kumar, bineet; ray, sonalisa
    Effect of steel fiber dosage on corrosion resistance of reinforced concrete T, hemalatha; gopal, ramesh
    Identifying damage in concrete using coda signals, multi-scale simulations and machine learning Timothy, jithender j.; vu, giao; gehlen, christoph; meschke, günther
    Axial mode i cracking in core regions of compressed reinforced concrete columns subjected to fire loading Sorgner, maximilian; díaz flores, rodrigo; wang, hui; hellmich, christian; pichler, bernhard l.a.
    Study of damage mechanisms in ultra high performance concrete using acoustic emission technique Ahmed, md adil; dutta, sudakshina
    Cracking behaviour under creep in strain-hardening cementitious composites (SHCC) applied as a protective layer on reinforced concrete flexural elements Ratnayake, k. A. Shan d.; leung, christopher k. Y.
    Numerical modeling of gfrp bar-reinforced concrete slabs-on-ground subjected to concentrated loads  at the edge and corner Fasil, mohammed; rahman, muhammad kalimur; al-zahrani, mesfer m.; al-osta, mohammed a.
    Fracture characterization of 3d -printed ultra-high performance fiber concrete beams using acoustic emission Kumar, vignesh; prem, prabhat r; ingle, vaibhav; giridhar, greeshma
    Computational modeling of dynamic fracture of layered composite under various strain-rate loading Pattajoshi, sobhan
    Predictive power of crack opening rate for flexural fatigue life of steel fiber-reinforced high and ultra-high performance concrete Gebuhr, gregor; mena-alonso, alvaro; pise, mangesh; anders, steffen; vicente, miguel a.; brands, dominik; schröder, jörg
    Experimental investigations on the fracture characteristics of ultra-high performance concrete using different aspect ratios Sneha, sneha
    Acoustic emission characterization of 3d -printed ultra-high performance concrete beams under bending Prem, prabhat r; ingle, vaibhav; kumar, vignesh; ravichandran, darssni
    Effects of coupled corrosion and fatigue on the performance of reinforced cement concrete. Vishwakarma, vivek mr.; ray, sonalisa
    Fatigue damage prediction of concrete using acoustic emission approach with account of concrete heterogeneity Dubey, sandeep kumar
    Virtual experiments for steel fiber-reinforced high performance concrete based on unit cell calculations - numerical calibration of phenomenological material model Pise, mangesh; brands, dominik; schröder, jörg; gebuhr, gregor; anders, steffen
    Discrete mesoscale modelling of concrete using  discrete exterior calculus Boom, pieter d; al shugaa, madyan; rahman, muhammad
    Macro- and mesostructural parameters for estimating fatigue life in high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete in bending Mena-alonso, alvaro; gebuhr, gregor; vicente, miguel a.; anders, steffen; mínguez, jesús; gonzález, dorys c.
    Fracture process zone analysis of cementitious mortars subjected to cyclic loading Deresse, nuhamin eshetu
    3action: a viable setup for direct-tensile testing of concrete Felicetti, roberto; yarmohammadian, ramin; cantu, enrico
    Fracture behavior and its influence on the shear capacity of high-strength reinforced concrete beams with recycled concrete aggregate Chakraborty, sourav; subramaniam, kolluru v.l.
    Residual capacity of fatigue-prone reinforced concrete structures Isojeh, benard m
    Phase-field model for degradation of steel fiber-reinforced ultra-high performance concrete during low cycle fatigue Pise, mangesh; schröder, jörg; brands, dominik; gebuhr, gregor; anders, steffen
    Behavior of post-installed anchors under tensile fatigue loading Said, imad
    Multi-physics simulation of corrosion-induced cracking of concrete by means of a mesoscopic modeling approach Li, yue; ruan, xin; mang, herbert; pichler, bernhard l.a.
    Fatigue damage versus creep deformation – differentiation using the development of stiffness Weber, fabian m; anders, steffen
    Numerical modelling of flexural behaviour of textile reinforced concrete Bhadury, manas; kirupakaran, keerthana
    Interface non-linear fracture studies in recycled coarse aggregate concrete under flexure with dic V, prashanth
    Effect of loading rate and geometry on flexural behaviour of textile reinforced concrete Basumatary, nerswn; ramanathan, roshini ; kirupakaran, keerthana
    Mixed mode crack propagation in reinforced concrete beams - effects of size and reinforcement ratios M.h., prashanth; kishen, chandra jm
    Investigation on the influence of interfacial transition zone (itz) on concrete cracking using acoustic emission technique Samal, dinesh; ray, sonalisa ; t, hemalatha
    Micromechanics-based phase-field modeling of fatigue in (quasi-)brittle materials Sarem, mina
    Flexural fatigue behaviour of textile-reinforced concrete panels Kirupakaran, keerthana; basumatary, nerswn; ramanathan, roshini
    Approach for detection of fatigue phases using the example of high-performance concrete Gebuhr, gregor; anders, steffen; pise, mangesh; brands, dominik; schröder, jörg
    Stochastic modeling of fatigue crack propagation in concrete beams using markov chain simulation Thakur, sumit s; mehmanzai, pervaiz  f. K.
    Fatigue life prediction of cementitious materials using artificial neural network Mary simon, dr. Keerthy; j, bharati  raj; rajeev, meenu
    Study on interaction between fracture and creep of uhsc using microindentation technique Shankar, mahesh
    A comparative study of implicit and explicit solution procedures for computational modeling of reinforced concrete structures Kostense, niels
    Prediction of fatigue crack growth rate in corroded reinforcement bars Dar, muneem ahmad; mehmanzai, pervaiz  f. K.
     nonlinear fracture behaviour of fiber reinforced self compacting concrete using “r - curve” Shah, santosh g
    Q-statistical analysis of acoustic emissions recorded during unconfined uniaxial compression of ultra high performance concrete Naukhez, kashif
    Effect of type of nutrient on crack healing performance of bacterial concrete Patnaik, p gouthami
    Paris law based modelling of mixed mode fatigue crack propagation in concrete-concrete interface Abbas, zeeshan mr.; mehmanzai, pervaiz  f. K.
    Carbonation and chloride-induced corrosion fatigue life prediction of reinforced concrete Bhowmik, sonali; riyar, ram lal
    Study of scaled fracture parameters in concrete using finite similitude theory Bhowmik, sonali; gupta, mansi
    Time function analysis of acoustic emissions generated during compressive fracture process in steel fiber reinforced concrete Gupta, nikhil; r, vidya sagar; kishen, chandra jm
    Modeling anisotropic fracture in quasi-brittle materials by a phase field approach Rajagopal, amirtham
    Experimental study: fracture properties of fly ash-slag based geopolymer concrete Ranjan, rajeev kumar; ramaswamy, ananth
    Effect of notch size on the fracture behaviour of concrete R, yogesh; kishen, chandra jm
    Predicting the rate of fatigue crack propagation in concrete using acoustic emission V, radhika; kishen, chandra jm
    Fatigue fracture behaviour of concrete through wedge-splitting tests A, srinithya; r, yogesh; kishen, chandra jm